Cenette Dippenaar

Director  / Planning Lead (Award winning)  / ML (Prof) , Pr LArch SACLAP, 15 years experience

Cenette is the founding Director of Design Node and at the core of the business and team development.  She is passionate, committed and determined to add value to every project that goes through Design Node`s office.  She has an old school belief in integrity and trust relationships.  This is evident in her conduct as professional, mentor, and on a personal level.  Cenette`s idols are her parents who taught her about the rewards of consistency, hard work and a good sense of humour.

Erik Kotze


Erik is a dedicated young man with a passion for creating and nature. Being a Landscape architectural technologist enables him incorporate both of these passion in his daily life. Erik sees landscape architecture as an opportunity to paint on God's canvas, using His colours and materials. He wants to strives to anchor his ideas in his belief of nature above all. Erik is using most his free time to pursue his love for nature by studying Horticulture. As seen Erik loves the outdoors, thus his hobbies mostly involves the outdoors like growing trees and cycling. 

Aimee Roos

Landscape Architectural Technologist

Aimee graduated with a BSc in Landscape Architecture from the University of Pretoria in 2019. She has joined the team for the year before she returns to complete her Honours and Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Pretoria. Aimee is passionate about bettering natural and social environments in a South African context. Her particular interests lie in environmental research and rehabilitation. Aimee enjoys bird-watching and hiking, allowing her to actively study and develop a love for the landscape around her.

Elizabeth Knell

Office Manager

Elizabeth loves to serve and assist people. With this passion for people she is currently studying Pastoral Psychology. Our living environment is also something that grabs Elizabeth's attention, thus she hopes to step into the architectural world in the near future. Elizabeth loves to spend time with her loved ones or in nature, she also loves to participate in artistic activities. 

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Henk Dippenaar

Masters in Architecture, Architecture & Development Lead (CEO), SACAP, 25 years experience

Henk is an Architect and founding member of Design Node.He has more than 25 years of experience in the architectural industry.  He is at the core of the business and team development.  Henk has a calm and objective nature and always under promises and over delivers.  He is a rock when it comes to reliability and integrity.

Greeff Barnard

Masters in Architecture , Architectural Candidate

Greeff is an award-winning artist interested in the psychological power of architecture.  He is a vibrant part time actor and recently designed a mental health hospital for his Masters thesis.  Greeff has an eye for details and strives to present great quality work.  He is the go-to in the design Lab and is always willing to go the extra mile.

Pieter Groenewald

Working on Master in Architecture

Pieter has a passion for Design.  He strives to create designs that simplify and enhance people’s interactions with the built environment.  In his spare time you can find him reading up on various topics concerning technology, filming, woodworking, sketching and exploring the urban landscapes of cities.

Patience Nkosi

Office Admin

Patience does her name justice and is a gem of a lady. She is deeply religious and her wisdom about life and mother characteristics helps to keep us all in line. Patience is an organiser and helps to manage the office by keeping all items neat and organised.

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